Created in 2010, the SIBIC is aimed to promote the study and conservation of native fishes of inland and marine aquatic ecosystems of the Iberian Peninsula

Learn more about the specific objectives of the SIBIC and the type of activities we carry out. For its coordination, it has a Governing Board with representatives from all over the Iberian Peninsula.

Membership is open to anyone who shares the purposes of SIBIC. Becoming a member is easy and affordable, it also has additional advantages as discounts in congresses. Companies and institutions also are welcome as corporate members or sponsors.


Discover what we are currently working on, as well as the projects already completed


Since 2012 we meet the even years to share knowledge and experiences


Fishes in Mediterranean Environments is an international scientific journal edited by SIBIC

FiSHMED is an electronic, fully open-access, peer reviewed scientific journal aimed at promoting communication and discussion among ichthyologists that work in Mediterranean-climate areas. The journal publishes manuscripts related to any aspect of fish biology, ecology, behaviour and conservation in Mediterranean-climate environments.

La IUCN usa varias categorías de peligro de extinción, siendo Críticamente Amenazada (CR) la más extrema.
Ahí está la anguila.
El lince ibérico y el águila imperial están menos amenazados.
No hay anguilas para seguir pescando ni vendiendo

¿Quieres ponerte al día con la anguila?Los últimos descubrimientos, su delicada situación y decisiones importantes que se tomarán sobre su futuro en breve. Todo esto en esta entrevista que me hicieron en @ItsasTantak de @ondavasca https://go.ivoox.com/rf/97048828

Check out this new paper by JM. Gonzalez et al, about the effects of highly diluted effluent on stream invertebrate assamblages.
@STOTEN_journal @upvehu @BiodiversosU


The status of European eel is still very poor in the North-East Atlantic. Glass eel recruitment, although stable since 2010, remains at a very low level with no clear sign of an upturn https://tinyurl.com/2p82unyp #QSR2023 #eels @EelGroup

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