Scientist Award Casa da America Latina / Santander Totta

1. Natur Awards

Banco Santander Totta and the House of Latin America decided to create the “Scientist Prize House of Latin America / Santander Totta, hereinafter called the award, which aims to contribute to the development of a culture of rigor and excellence, encourage and recognize training Hispanic and Portuguese students on all issues of mutual interest to Portugal and Latin America and is a contribution of Hispanic students issues Portugal and Portuguese issues Latin American students.

This award aims to distinguish the best doctoral thesis of a student from Portugal or Latin America, regardless of nationality, has completed the third cycle in a Portuguese university or Latin America, as part of the above topics.

The prize consists of three categories: (i) the “Categories of Social and Human Sciences”; (2) the “Technologies and Natural Sciences Category”; (III) “Category of Economics and Business.”

The prize consists of the allocation of € 5,000 (five thousand euros) to each of the winners.

2.Regulatory Award

El premio se regirá por el presente Reglamento.

The selection criteria and reasons for the decision, including the Award to the distinguished, are the sole responsibility of the promoters of the initiative, can not Jury decisions and the Steering Committee are subject to grievance or appeal, being always and in all circumstances unquestionable and final. Notwithstanding the above, does not constitute in itself a decisive factor in the evaluation of the jury, is the application of valuation factor those in the academic record of the candidate was often complementary universities of Portugal and Latin America and / or address teachers from both sides in the track of his doctoral thesis.

The promoters of this initiative, on an annual basis, the right not to allocate a prize reserve, he concluded the existence in the year under review, candidates who meet the requirements established award.

3. Allocation and duration Award

The Promoters Prize may unilaterally terminate their assignment at any time, without prejudice to the implementation of programs under way this year interruption.


4. Requirements

4.1. You can request the award all stakeholders who meet on the date of the application, the following cumulative conditions and imperatives:

a) come from Portugal or of a country in Latin America.

b) He is having completed a doctorate at the University of Portuguese or Latin American for less than three years from the closing date of the application.

c) who they have obtained a minimum score of “good” or its equivalent in the dissertation, as published by the institution where it was conducted. Not being in that institution to issue a rating of PhD students should be sent for this purpose or official copy of the test Jury doctoral statement.

4.2. Applications will not be accepted from people who have already been awarded in previous editions of the Prize.

4.3. Each applicant may only apply for one category.

5. Submission of applications

5.1. Applicants who are eligible in the previous article shall, no later than May 31 of each year through the online available “Casa Prize Latin America / Santander Totta, Scientific Platform”, the following documents:

a) application form available on the platform above;

b) Europass CV in 1 model;

c) the identification;

d) proof of the thesis note, safeguarded said 4.1c);

e) letter of recommendation University professor who conducted the doctoral program;

f) The final work, complete and abridged versions.

5.2. The final work, full version, should also be issued in three copies, one paper and two in digital form, by mail, on the date indicated above, at the Casa de America Latina (Avenue July 24, 118-B, 1200 -871 Lisbon, Portugal), the envelope containing external references, after identifying the target, “House Scientist Award Latin America / Santander Totta,” all in pain or exclusion.

5.3. Documents received as part of the application process will not be returned.

5.4. Submit the application process implies acceptance without reservations or conditions by the person concerned, the terms and regulations of this award and express authorization to verify the authenticity of their statements.5.5. En caso de cualquier duda, aclaración debe ser solicitada a través de la

1 European CV, established by Decision No 2241/2004 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 December 2004 establishing a Community framework for the transparency of qualifications and competences in Europe. Available at

6. Júri Allocation

6.1. The Jury Prize consists of three elements: a representative of the House of Latin America, a representative of Banco Santander Totta and an Academic invited to designate, for each of the three award categories, which change depending on the category issue, keeping If the other jurors.

6.2. For the award or, if applicable, the decision not to award, the jury has exclusive competence allocation, which will decide sovereignly according to the criteria it deems most appropriate to the objectives of this award.

7. Selection Procedure

7.1. The works will be evaluated by the jury, which will select the winners of each of the award categories.

7.2. If circumstances warrant, the prize can be awarded in the same year, exceptionally, more than a dissertation in the same category.

8. Monitoring Committee

The process of releasing all the proceedings, the interpretation of the regulation and implementation of the Prize will be monitoring the responsibility of the Commission, composed of four members, two representatives of Santander Totta and two Latin American House, should ensure the effectiveness and proper coordination of various measures taken by partners under this Regulation, and is an integral part of the Protocol, including time and decisions on all matters that may raise questions of interpretation of the provisions of the documents in question.

9. Disclosure allocation and award ceremony

9.1. The announcement of the prize and its allocation will be made through all available means considered by prosecutors, including through portals and

9.2. The award ceremony will take place at a public event at a date to be defined, understood and communicated through appropriate means by prosecutors.

9.3. Applicants Award is granted expressly agrees as a condition of receipt of this, to participate in a public ceremony to allow his image and data communication, including the media, with the content and terms understood by the promoters of the initiative.

9.4. Travel expenses of the winners to participate in a public ceremony effect, they are not the responsibility of prosecutors.

10. Entitlement to

The right to the prize expires automatically and permanently without any particular formality, if any of the following:

a) Finish up there is any irregularity in the award-winning application;

b) If for reasons of exclusive responsibility awarded the prize it can not be delivered within four months from the date of announcement of their assignment;

c) If the expected benefit of the Prize, the prize is subject to criminal or disciplinary proceedings or taking behaviors awarded to prosecutors or others who, by their gravity, determine the damage to the image and integrity of the participants or discredit and damage those involved or for yourself.

11. Changes in the dates of this Regulation

The dates referred to in this Regulation may be changed in each edition, by decision of the promoters of the Prize, which must give prior public account.