The Iberian Society of Ichthyology (SIBIC) will give continuity to the organization of the Iberian Conferences of Ichthyology after a lapse of 20 years from the date of the last edition. The objective of the IV Iberian Congress of Ichthyology will be to promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers and professionals dedicated to the study and conservation of fish in the Iberian Peninsula. The topics included in this conference will be all those related to the interests of the SIBIC, that is, the study and conservation of native fish (freshwater, euryhaline and diadromous) of the continental aquatic ecosystems (fluvial, lacustrine and estuarine) of the Iberian Peninsula.

Scientific areas

  • Fish biology: physiology, taxonomy, behaviour, etc.
  • Biological strategies and evolution
  • Population dynamics and assemblages
  • Management and conservation of endangered species
  • Non-native species
  • Fish habitat management and restoration

Special sessions

  • Inland fishery management
  • Monitoring programs
  • Fish as indicators of ecosystem health
Organizing committee

Dr. Ramon Moreno-Amich, Universidad de Girona

Dra. Anna Vila-Gispert, Universidad de Girona

Dr. Lluís Zamora Hernández, Universidad de Girona

Dr. Frederic Casals Martí, Universidad de Lleida

Dr. Quim Pou-Rovira, Sorelló estudis al medi aquàtic, S.L.

Dr. Lluís Benejam, Universitat de Girona

Sr. Joan Naspleda Feixas, Universitat de Girona

Dr. Joaquim Carol, consultor ambiental

Dr. Francisco J. Oliva-Paterna, Universidad de Murcia

Dr. David Verdiell Cubedo, Universidad de Murcia

Scientific committee

Dr. Ramon Moreno-Amich, Universidad de Girona

Dr. Carlos Fernández-Delgado, Universidad de Córdoba

Dr. Javier Lobón-Cerviá, CSIC Madrid

Dr. Carlos Granado-Lorencio, Universidad de Sevilla

Dr. Adolfo de Sostoa, Universidad de Barcelona

Dr. Filipe Ribeiro, Centro Oceanografia & MHNH, Univ. Lisboa

Dra. Maria João Collares-Pereira, Universidade de Lisboa

Dr. Emili García-Berthou, Universidad de Girona

Dr. José Luis García-Marín, Universidad de Girona


The IV Iberian Congress of Ichthyology will be held at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Girona. It is located in the Montilivi Campus of Girona, 20 minutes on foot from the city center. It offers classes in Biology, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences and Chemistry. For the group of studies there are about 1300 enrolled and about 240 teachers.

The presentations will be made in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Sciences, equipped with an audiovisual projection system. Parallel sessions will be held in teaching rooms. Participants will have a meeting area, computer room and Internet access. The faculty has bar service, reprography and common campus services.

Girona, Cataluña

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