Spanish Fish Chart

Freshwater fishes are the most imperiled group among vertebrates. This is particularly serious in Iberian Peninsula, where this group includes a high number of endemic and threatened species. Despite the large number of research and technical studies done on freshwater fishes in this region, their data is disperse and, consequently not available for public use, for management or research.

The Iberian Society of Ichthyology developed the Carta Piscícola Española (CPE) with the main objective to put available all the information of Spanish freshwater fishes. To achieve this goal we compile all the information found in research centers, public administrations, and made it available online, and creating a web platform about the freshwater fishes for the use of general public.

This database integrates information about biology and ecology of the Spanish freshwater fishes, and associated references. Also, under the tab “locations” you can search for the fishes inhabiting a certain river and check their relative abundance within this community, based on published information. Note that areas without any species distribution data represent no information and not species absences. Reference fields give you access to the full bibliographic references.

The importance of the project includes the need to have accurate information on species distribution to help managers develop monitoring plans and conservation strategies. Moreover, the historical information on species distribution will help in the analysis of freshwater fish populations and the conservation status of the group. The project will also provide data for the Spanish National Inventory of natural heritage and biodiversity.

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